Preventative Maintenance Programs

Keep Your Investment Safe

Did you know?

More than 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely — because of leaks, tears, or other problems that may have occurred long before they reach their anticipated lifespan.

Did you also know?

This number could be greatly reduced through regular, preventative roof maintenance.

It’s common sense… if you own something and you want it to perform, you have to maintain it. An “out of sight, out of mind” attitude toward roofing systems is dangerous for the property owner, and it’s also poor asset management.

Having a maintenance program in place can spell the difference between being prepared for a budgeted expense and being “hit” with an unplanned expenditure.

A preventative maintenance program allows building owners to budget and prepare for anticipated expenses as well as protect the building’s contents. By maintaining ongoing maintenance, you can avoid potential lack of productivity in the event of a serious roof leak.