Though it is our mission to pinpoint leaks or damage, at times, restoration is not possible. At this time, we can recommend the best roof system for your facility, and install the roof with minimal interruption to your business.

We offer...
  • a variety of products from leading roofing manufacturers, including GAF® and Garland®.
    For a complete list of our partners, click here.
  • solutions that can include energy-smart roofing options, some of which are ENERGY STAR® qualified.
  • extended warranty options; a perk we earn by being GAF® Master Select™ certified - being a part of our Certified Maintenance Professional program from GAF can add 25% more to your warranty coverage.

There are many benefits to a new roof, including:
  • State of the art technology to protect your building during heavy storms, wind, snow, hail and more
  • Reduced energy costs that improve your bottom line
  • Heating or cooling roof solutions

A few examples of the roof systems we install include restorations, metal, single-ply and built-up roofs (also known as BUR's). We can handle any type of new construction or re-roof design and take great pride in providing creative solutions to the most challenging project.
Using advanced technologies, including Thermal Imaging, Alumni Roofing can create a comprehensive Roof Health Assessment for your commercial or industrial building, free of charge.

During this process we will assess your roof and provide a written report on the following:

  • Membrane Condition
  • Flashing Condition
  • Leakage Condition
  • Drainage Condition
  • Roof Age
  • Present Repair Status
  • Insulation Condition
  • Rooftop Traffic
  • Interior Occupancy
  • Overall Assessment
The report will include still photos and thermal imaging where applicable - an example of this report can be seen here. We'll include recommendations and pricing to provide you with options to feel comfortable and confident that your roof is in good hands.

Storm Damage Assessment

Leaks or roof damage due to weather can be unexpected and overwhelming. Alumni Roofing can help take away the burden by visiting your building with prompt service and a quick timeline to get you back in business.

If you have a commercial or industrial building that has sustained storm damage or you're experiencing a leak, help is as simple as a call to our office at (419) 884-9715. We can handle all types of roofing projects and repair services - no job is too big or too small for us to handle.

What to expect:

  • You call Alumni Roofing at (419) 884-9715
  • We coordinate schedules so our qualified team can visit your location - we mobilize quickly!
  • Our team will conduct a Roof Health Assessment
  • After evaluating your roof, we'll provide you with an organized report which consists of photos, proposed solutions and costs
  • We'll talk you through our findings so you feel comfortable to make decisions, then we'll get to work promptly to get you back in business

In many cases, if your roof was damaged due to a storm or inclement weather, you may be able to work with your insurance to cover costs. We can help you file a claim with your insurance carrier so you don't have to learn the in's and out's of the roofing lingo.

Don't delay, call us today at the first sign of a leak.

There are many hidden costs with a roof leak that is not attended to in a timely manner, such as:

  • Mold and mildew problems
  • Lost production and revenues
  • Poor air quality issues
  • Lost use of interior space
  • Slip and fall accidents and legal claims

Source: GAF(R) 2011, Certified Maintenance Professional Manual

Alumni Roofing utilizes a RAS-Systems XL Center metal folding machine
We have available a dedicated metal fabrication shop with sophisticated computer controlled equipment to fabricate our own sheet metal.  This helps maintain quality, cost and construction deadlines. Our shop includes the latest equipment, including a computer-aided sheet metal brake for precision fabrication of fascias, copings, and flashings.

We work with various gauge metals and various types of metals, ranging from pre-finished galvanized steel and aluminum to copper, stainless steel, and Kynar finished metal from the leading manufacturers.

Alumni Roofing is pleased to announce the purchase of a new RAS-Systems XL Center metal folding machine. This machine features the most advanced technology available for roofing and architectural profiles.

The XL Center will support the bending of tapered metal parts including coping caps, downspouts and gutters. “This feature will provide a significant cost savings to our customers”, according to Karen Hope, Alumni Roofing President. “Tapered gutters will allow us to lay one section of a gutter inside another section, making installation much faster”, says Hope.

The XL Center will allow for operators to graphically design metal parts with a touch screen interface and then visualize the part on a screen. By offering folding from the top and bottom, parts can be developed without flipping the metal.

The photo below helps visualize how the metal folding machine can create custom rain hoods, gutters and spouts.

Alumni Roofing can create custom rain hoods, gutters and downspouts with their in-house metal fabrication shop

Thermal Imaging To Locate Leaks

InSightXSHandheld infrared image scanners can be used to locate roof leaks and determine the quantity and location of wet insulation.

This technology, which is like an x-ray of your roof, can save owners the cost of a roof replacement by spotting leaks before the insulation or decking is damaged

When the roof cools down at sunset, water in the roof system retains its heat, which allows the infrared scanner to isolate leaks. The scanner, which is accurate to less than 0.1 degrees F, will create digital images to be included in a written report.

Many options are available to restore an older roof; however wet insulation must first be replaced. Alumni Roofing can scan your roof, replace the wet insulation and utilize one of several roof restoration techniques.

Alumni Roofing has used its own scanner on several roofs including:

  • Crestline High School (Crestline, Ohio)
  • Sherman Elementary School (Mansfield, Ohio)
  • Parsons Avenue Water Treatment Plant (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Taylor Metal (Mansfield, Ohio)

Thermal Imaging Saves Dollars - A Real Life Example

This pin-hole leak (bottom left photo), which had been present for a long time, was located with the scanner (scanner image at bottom right). Water was entering the building approximately 30 feet from the location of the leak.

Without thermal imaging, it would be difficult to find the exact point of water entry and result in wasted dollars to replace an entire roof vs. repair the exact location in need.

Alumni Roofing using thermal imaging to find even the smallest roof leak entry points